Nameless Fire Tribe at the Cort Gallery

The “art festival” at the Cort Gallery was what I expected it to be. It was a relaxing getaway into the cabin, resort town of Three Rivers. This small town is settled before the Sequoias and brings in tourists wanting to camp, hike, and get away from the technological world. There wasn’t much “action” as […]

F/A-18s in My Face.

This was probably one of the best perks about being a fighter pilot’s wife. We’ll never get to fly in their jets, but this is as good as it gets. The time they bounce. Bouncing is when they do touch-and-goes getting them ready to land on the boat. Practice is critical since the landing area […]

Me at an Art Festival in a Gallery? YES, please!

I like to think the most successful people in the world started off small. Opportunities opened up and led them on a certain path. Could this be the start of my path? I like my photos, but I’ve never really believed I’d have them on display somewhere. In essence, I would love being on a […]