Portrait Fun at Waller Park – Santa Maria, CA

I had the pleasure of shooting my sister’s friend and her kids the other week. Waller Park, located near my hometown of Orcutt, is absolutely gorgeous. Duck ponds, pony rides, grassy knolls with plush trees, and playgrounds for kids to enjoy. I remember having birthday bbq’s, watching my sister get allergy attacks on the pony […]

John Mayer and Phillip Phillips!

This is one of my favorite events on the central coast. The California Mid-State Fair held in Paso Robles. Deep fried foods, drink gardens, convention centers filled with As Scene On TV products, farm animals, games that seem so easy to beat but they’re really not, and incredible music line ups! This year, my friends […]

Food, Fun, and Sun in North Carolina

The stereotype is true of most Californians in the case that the only places on our radar outside of our state is Vegas and New York. With my husband’s side of the family originating from the east coast, I’ve had the utmost pleasure visiting and exploring the area┬áthese last few years. This time, we took […]

Baby Grayson is Home

The other month I photographed two of my fighter pilot friends. Their baby was born with certain medical conditions that kept him in the NICU for some time. Their prayers were answered and the delicate Grayson was able to come home. I wasn’t so much as nervous, but more passive about handling such a delicate […]