Carmel & REFUGE – the Hydro Thermal Cycle Experience

A few weekends ago Brad and I took a trip to Carmel by the Sea. What an incredible place! It has officially become one of my favorite places with its beautiful beaches, incredible food that would turn anyone into a glutton, delicious wine, and one of the most dog friendly towns I’ve ever been to. […]

Food, Fun, and Sun in North Carolina

The stereotype is true of most Californians in the case that the only places on our radar outside of our state is Vegas and New York. With my husband’s side of the family originating from the east coast, I’ve had the utmost pleasure visiting and exploring the area┬áthese last few years. This time, we took […]

A North Carolina Pig Pickin’ on the 4th of July!

Coming from a Japanese culture based family, some of the typical American traditions weren’t exposed to us when we were younger. Throughout the years, I have slowly been exposing myself to the various bbq traditions across america. Sweet honey bbq here, more vinegary there, dry rub here, oak or smoked there! Everyone has their own […]