Waikiki Zoo and Aquarium

I feel somewhat sad when I see animals locked down in a surrounding much smaller than their natural habitat. Nevertheless, I hate to admit, I love seeing them in person, so there’s a mixed emotion every time I go to an “animal sanctuary”. In Waikiki, we checked out the Zoo and Aquarium. The zoo was […]

A Death Defying Experience – Skydiving

I’ve never been so fearful for my life than looking down 14,000 ft getting ready to jump out of an airplane. The thought of possibly not living through what you’re just about to do is a mixture of excitement and terror! I’ve heard one of the best views in skydiving is from North Shore. I […]

Backpackers Vacation Inn – North Shore Love

Spending a week in Waikiki got a little hectic. It’s a very touristy place with a knack for partying. Shifting gears, we took it down a notch and cruised to North Shore to watch the tail end of the Pipe Pro Competition. What a spectacular site! We stayed at Backpackers Vacation Inn for a few days, […]

Volcom Pipe Pro 2012

I have never seen a more beautiful, powerful, and frightening view of nature than at the Volcom Pipe Pro Competition. The waves were cranking, the sound was booming, and we caught it all! We were able to see the top surfers in the world competing for the grand prize of $20,000. We saw broken boards, […]