2012 Recap – My Hippie-Travel Phase

It’s an obvious trend that relationships in the military tie-the-knot much quicker than those I’ve seen in the “civilian” world. (Yes.. I use the term civilian now because I’ve come to understand why they, or we use it.) Taking years or a few months figuring out if the person is right for you is personal […]

Roma, Italy – When In Rome!

The hottest train ride I’ve ever taken was from Florence to Rome. With 90+ degree heat and 80+% humidity, the ride down was a sauna. When we arrived at Roma Termini (the main train station) we needed to find a Wifi spot because we still hadn’t figured out where we were staying. Yes, my cousins […]

Pisa, Italy – How Many Funny Pics Can You Take?

The title tells it all. You can’t help but want to take the goofy, touritsty-type Leaning Tower of Pisa pictures. After a night in Florence (Firenze), Italy we took a quick train ride over to Pisa. This town is really just known for the tower. It’s small, quaint, and enjoyable for a lovely luncheon. We stayed […]