Last Fly-In from “Deployment” as a Kestrel

I put quotes around “deployment” because, for most of us, this was the shortest turn around that was considered an actual deployment. Not only were families spared the typical 8-10 months of separation, the 2 month deployment was split in half as most of us flew over to Hawaii to enjoy the air wing’s mid-port call. […]

A Day Aboard the USS Ronald Reagan – Airshow Included

The conversation between my husband and I about our days are vastly different. I take care the home front while he takes care of top secret military agendas. He comes home and I can never truly understand what his position entails: the danger of flying a half a billion dollar fighter jet, top secret knowledge, and the […]

Two Fighter Pilots and a Baby

I had the pleasure of shooting our friend’s baby bump the other month. I like to call Jenny and Garrett the All-American Fighter Pilot couple! Not only are they one of the sweetest and caring couple I’ve ever met, they’re always so positive in every situation. It’s strange how some of the best people you […]

Change of Command

“A change of command is a military tradition that represents a formal transfer of authority and responsibility for a unit from one commanding or flag officer to another.” The other week, I was able to attend our squadron’s COC. The Commander (Skipper) passed his power down to the Executive Officer (XO), both whom I’ve personally […]