Family Portraits at Hickey Park in Lemoore

Happy Friday everyone! It’s been a flurry of events, which I have unfortunately slacked on updating this blog. But not to worry! I’m finally updating with pics of this adorable family I shot the other week! The valley has been crazed with dust storms, especially half way through our shoot, but we still came out […]

Summer Fly-In!

When it seems as though there’s much hatred in the world, I look towards the people around me and feel so honored to have the most loving and supportive people in my life. I’m priviledged to be a part and capture reunions between military families who go months and even years without seeing each other. […]

A Shoot in the Orchards

Surrounding our area are beautiful orchards that give life to the valley. Their luscious greens add color to the valley and when in bloom, the flowers sprout upon them creating a serene environment for passers-by to gaze at. A few weeks ago I shot an adorable family within the orchards nearby. The blooms came early […]

USS Nimitz Finally Home For the Holidays!

One of the hardest things I’ve ever heard my husband say was, “We’ve been extended.” Your heart that has been missing a piece for (x) amount of months just got longer. Unfortunately, that’s a common line we spouses hear in the Navy. We felt heartache for our friends on the USS Nimitz and their families […]